Saturday, September 4, 2010

waiting 5.3.10

i cannot fully express my gratitude for so many of my friends and family that haven chosen to stand in the gap for david and i. The gap between where our strength runs out and the unknown of all of this.

i continue to learn and grow in what it really means to be the body of Christ.

we are waiting to meet with the nicu doctors who are doing there rounds. We will meet with them to discuss a care plan for Gideon. Our goal to be prepared for a miracle. To love our son and provide to most compassionate and hope filled care we can in the face of what in earthly terms are impossible odds. Nothing, we know, is impossible with God. We wait for the word of the Great physician who has not made his plan known to us yet. We wait for a joy though veiled, we know is promised. We wait to dance with Gideon. We wait to know if that will be on earth or in heaven.

We do a lot of waiting these days.

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