Saturday, September 4, 2010

monday splat 5.10.10

Monday mornings. Big collective ug. Sunday has been the first day of my workweek for a while and Tuesdays before that so i haven't had the Monday foreboding for a while.

but today is a bit of an ug Monday. 8:45 appt at university hospital means up at 5:45. Our doc told us last week that if i had not gone in to labor by today she wanted to keep me and induce. Today. Monday.

although we have been mostly anti induction only doing it if necessary, not just because Gideon is taking his time (a personal choice based on our research) we have decided to go in with open minds. Our doc is very knowledgeable and up to this point has proven trustworthy.

which means if she has viable reasons today could be the day our Gideon comes.

that for me is a lot to chew on right now. it feels something like standing on a the edge of cliff waiting to get a giant shove into the unknown. All i can do is pray and trust that God will catch me before i splat. Catch me or give me wings.

either way its his strength. Not mine.

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