Wednesday, September 22, 2010

update 6/9

I have had a lot of people asking me how little man is doing so instead of sending lots of different messages i thought i'd write a note.

it will probably be a short one today. not much has really changed. we are kind of settling into life with a newborn. he has been really stable (knock on wood). he is eating and growing.

we met with the hospice doctor on friday and had a conversation about what are lives are going to be like. his suggestion-as much like any other family with a newborn as possible. there is no "safe" place. the "bug" that takes his life could be lying here in wait just as well as about anywhere else.

of course we are not going to be reckless. we are going to try to avoid places with lots of germs like hospitals and nursing homes but other than that we can't live in a bubble.

the truth is, we all live on the edge of death. we are all one ran stop sign, one nasty infection, one clogged artery away from the end but we don't constantly go around thinking about it. we would all go crazy.

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