Saturday, September 4, 2010


as many of you know our son gideon daniel ford was born this morning at 12:28 am. My time is short now so i will have to give more details on that later.

as friends and family have been updating we took him off the respirator this morning expecting he would pass soon after. he has continued to breath on his own up to this point.

i think that is important that we let you know some other important details. I have waited to share those detail on face book until we were able to tell family members in person. That gideon survived delivery and this long is no doubt a miracle. We are loving every moment holding him but it is very clear based on his condition, those moments are going to be few. The information is graphic so i will not share it here but it is very clear that will go home to be with the father very soon. We may be slow to update as we cherish this this time. Thank you.

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