Monday, July 26, 2010

caller ID "Dr. Y."

January 4, 2010. Monday morning eating my cereal working up the energy to go to work. 

phone rings.  caller id says "Dr. Y".  hmmmm why is my OB calling me?  i have an appointment on Friday. 

"Kati" she says in a thick Indian accent that makes it sound like Kathy.  i give her the benefit of the doubt.  i really don't like being called Kathy. 

"can you come in to  the office right now?  can you bring your husband with you?"

now, I'm no dummy here, this is all lining up to be something I'm going to need to go back to therapy for.

"sure, just have to call my boss"

"I'll be in in time to pick up that family for their family therapy session but I'll be a bit late"

its few miles across town that feel like a thousand. 

its a short wait in the office that feels like a lifetime.

"we can't seem to get a good measurement of the babies head. it looks too small"
"4-d ultrasound"...
"does your insurance go to this hospital?"...
"I'm going to schedule an appointment as soon as i can, with a follow up right away with a genetic counselor and optional amniocentesis"

mercifully, unknowing, that family canceled therapy.

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